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How to Submit

  1. In order to submit artwork for consideration, submitting parties must have a valid user account at
  2. Once logged into the user portal, carefully read the eligibility requirements.
  3. Click “get started” to begin submitting artwork.
  4. Each piece of art must be submitted individually
    1. When submitting, the user must select one of the available categories that best fits the type of artwork being submitted (see below for full category descriptions).
    2. Each artwork requires the following credits:
      1. Artwork Title
      2. Game Title
      3. Individual artist credits
      4. Developer
      5. Publisher
      6. Software used/medium
  5. Artwork must be submitted as .jpg or .png files.
  6.  There is a submission fee for every artwork submitted, to be billed after the submission period has completed:
    1. The submission fee is $25.00 per artwork entered.
    2. In the case of financial hardship, a fee waiver may be requested. Please contact the AIAS at [email protected] in order to inquire.
  7. After checkout, the AIAS will review your entry in order to verify your submission. Please allow up to 24 hours for confirmation.

If you have any questions about the submission process, please contact [email protected].