Congratulations to the 2024 Game Maker's Sketchbook Winning Selections

Prints available at the iam8bit store for a 2-week limited period, running through March 29, with proceeds benefiting the AIAS Foundation.


Character Art

Explorations, 2D compositions and/or 3D modeling focusing on any elements that go into designing the visual elements of character. Illustrations often include components central to character action/interaction within a game – model sheets, expression, physical movement, wardrobe and styling, etc


This is the category for anything that doesn’t quite qualify for the other more succinctly focused categories, including but not limited to, props, schematics, technical diagrams, and other trinkets not clearly defined as environment or character art

Environment Art

All the visuals that encompass the world that characters inhabit, including 3D and 2D art that functions as the basis for constructing a physical game world, including landscapes, architecture, planets, vessels and other set pieces.


Graphic design and iconographic elements meant to engross the player in the identity of the game world, including but not limited to UI, HUDs, dialogue trees and boxes, inventory, primary brand logo or in-game fictional logos, custom typography, symbology and repeated visual elements intended to function as signifiers.


An iconic, singular image that captures the game’s visual language, character and/or narrative, including, but not limited to, key art or concept art.

Story Board

Illustrations, diagrams and/or drawn sequences used to visualize a cutscene, narrative, or gameplay scene; demonstrating the flow of animation and scene direction. This can apply to either a game or trailer.