Co-founded by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS), creative production company iam8bit, and communications firm, fortyseven (47), the Game Maker’s Sketchbook was born from an industry-wide need and desire to better celebrate the visual arts in games, giving recognition to individuals who contribute incredible visual universes as well as simple joys and lasting impressions in interactive entertainment.

Not simply a showcase of key art and marketing imagery, this project delves deeper, aiming to highlight and celebrate all forms of art related to the craft of making games.

A jury of esteemed game artists, curators, and representatives from both within the games industry and adjacent sectors, including animation, film, and fine art, will be judging  the submissions.

Game Maker’s Sketchbook will collect submissions in the categories of Storyboard, Environment Art, Character Art, Iconography, Curiosities, and Impact. Submissions will be open from June 2 – July 2. Selections will be announced on July 19 and will be available for purchase as prints via an Iam8bit powered digital gallery to be launched during this year’s Game Developers Conference.

Each of the 6 categories will showcase a shortlist of 3 works with one overall Game Maker’s Sketchbook winning selection. These will be announced on the Game Maker’s Sketchbook website on July 19.

ALL art submitted will be exhibited in a special category, the Artists Sketchbook.

All proceeds go to support the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, a non-profit dedicated to the advancement and recognition of the interactive arts.