2021 Game Maker's Sketchbook Selections Announced

Game Maker’s Sketchbook 2021 Selections Honor a Diverse Spectrum of Video Game-Related Art

Sketchbook Gallery Now Available for Viewing; Print Purchases Benefit Non-Profit AIAS

Game Maker’s Sketchbook, the annual celebration of art and artists in games, produced by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS), iam8bit, and fortyseven communications, has revealed the official selections for its first year. The works of art are now available to view in our gallery. Fans and supporters may purchase prints through the iam8bit store for a 2-week limited period, July 21 – Aug. 5, with proceeds benefiting non-profit organization AIAS in its mission to serve games and game makers.

“I’m blown away by the submissions in this inaugural year of Game Maker’s Sketchbook,” said Meggan Scavio, President, Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences. “The talent and art of the visual artists across the games industry are truly on display in this year’s selections across classic as well as fresh categories of recognition. We are excited to spotlight these works of art and celebrate the incredible artistry in games overall.”

The 2021 Game Maker’s Sketchbook selections are:

Character Art

Explorations, 2D compositions and/or 3D modeling focusing on any elements that go into designing the visual elements of character. Illustrations often include components central to character action/interaction within a game – model sheets, expression, physical movement, wardrobe and styling, etc.

  • Amalgam Boss Concept
    • Artists:
      • Concept Art: Yarden Weissbrot
      • 3D Model: Nick Pochtariov
    • Game: GRIME
    • Developer: Clover Bite
    • Publisher: Akupara Games
  • Rivet Exploration
    • Artist: Dave Guertin
    • Game: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
    • Developer: Insomniac Games
    • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Yone, Windchaser
    • Artist: Aron Elekes
    • Game: Legends of Runeterra
    • Developer: Riot Games
    • Publisher: Riot Games
  • Young Souls – Arcade
    • Artist: Xavier “Xa” Houssin
    • Game: Young Souls
    • Developer: 1P2P
    • Publisher: The Arcade Crew


This is the category for anything that doesn’t quite qualify for the other more succinctly focused categories, including but not limited to, props, schematics, technical diagrams, and other trinkets not clearly defined as environment or character art.

  • Book of Goblins
    • Artist: Florence Guittard
    • Game: Tell Me Why
    • Developer: DONTNOD
    • Publisher: Microsoft
  •  Storybook Page No. 6 – The No Dice War
    • Artist: Alfredo Cáceres
    • Game: Lost in Random
    • Developer: Zoink Games
    • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • YUKI – Environmental Storytelling
    • Artist: Kako
    • Game: YUKI
    • Developer:  Arvore Immersive Experiences
    • Publisher: Arvore Immersive Experiences

Environment Art

All the visuals that encompass the world that characters inhabit, including 3D and 2D art that functions as the basis for constructing a physical game world, including landscapes, architecture, planets, vessels and other set pieces.

  • Northern Temple
    • Artist: Romain Jouandeau
    • Game: Ghost of Tsushima
    • Developer: Sucker Punch Productions
    • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Ronan’s Garden Shed
    • Artist: Lucile Meunier
    • Game: Tell Me Why
    • Developer: DONTNOD
    • Publisher: Microsoft
  • The Green Witch Catafalque
    • Artist: Justin Baldwin
    • Game: The Wild at Heart
    • Developer: Moonlight Kids
    • Publisher: Humble Games


Graphic design and iconographic elements meant to engross the player in the identity of the game world, including but not limited to UI, HUDs, dialogue trees and boxes, inventory, primary brand logo or in-game fictional logos, custom typography, symbology, and repeated visual elements intended to function as signifiers.

  • Haven Meals and Seasoned Meals
    • Artist: Benoit Leloup
    • Game: Haven
    • Developer: The Game Bakers
    • Publisher: The Game Bakers
  • Motherlobe HQ Areas Map
    • Artists: Gianna “Gigi” Ruggiero; Seth Q Forester
    • Game: Psychonauts 2
    • Developer: Double Fine Productions
    • Publisher: Microsoft
  • Spelunky 2 Place Icons
    • Artists: Justin Chan; Derek Yu
    • Game: Spelunky 2
    • Developer: BlitWorks/Mossmouth
    • Publisher: Mossmouth


An iconic, singular image that captures the game’s visual language, character and/or narrative, including, but not limited to, key art or concept art.

  • Ghost of Tsushima Box Art
    • Artist: Mitch Mohrhauser
    • Game: Ghost of Tsushima
    • Developer: Sucker Punch Productions
    • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Polycarpeum
    • Artist: Anton Vill
    • Game: Disco Elysium – The Final Cut
    • Developer: ZA/UM
    • Publisher: ZA/UM
  • The Wild at Heart Key Art
    • Artist: Justin Baldwin
    • Game: The Wild at Heart
    • Developer: Moonlight Kids
    • Publisher: Humble Games

Story Board

Illustrations, diagrams and/or drawn sequences used to visualize a cutscene, narrative, or gameplay scene; demonstrating the flow of animation and scene direction. This can apply to either a game or trailer.

  • Flight Sequence
    • Artist: Iris Muddy
    • Game: Ori and the Will of the Wisps
    • Developer: Moon Studios
    • Publisher: Xbox Game Studios
  • Ghost of Tsushima E3
    • Artist: Edward Pun
    • Game: Ghost of Tsushima
    • Developer: Sucker Punch Productions
    • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Grindstone Animated Trailer Storyboards
    • Artists: Nicolas “Qiqo” Stephan; Ben Thomas
    • Game: Grindstone
    • Developer: Capybara Games
    • Publisher: Capybara Games

Game Maker’s Sketchbook entries were reviewed by jury panels comprising esteemed game artists, curators, and representatives from both within the games industry and adjacent sectors, including animation, film, and fine art. This year’s panel of jurists included:

  • Scott Campbell
  • Mariel Cartwright (Future Club)
  • Jenova Chen (thatgamecompany)
  • William Chyr
  • Jon-Paul Dyson (Strong Museum)
  • Jorge R. Gutierrez
  • James Ham (Insomniac Games)
  • Mike Jungbluth (BioWare)
  • Tetsuya Mizuguchi (Enhance Experience)
  • Maja Moldenhaur (Studio MDHR)
  • Jane Ng (Valve)
  • Rashad Redic (Brass Lion Entertainment)
  • Katie Rice (Warner Bros)
  • Cabel Sasser (Panic)
  • Cory Schmitz
  • Almudena Soria Sancho (Naughty Dog)
  • Adam Volker (Flight School)
  • Kelly Wallick (Indie MEGABOOTH)
  • Jen Zee (Supergiant Games)