Cory Schmitz

Designer -

Cory Schmitz is a graphic designer working on the Creative Arts brand team at PlayStation.

Prior to his tenure at PlayStation, he worked with clients such as Ubisoft, Square Enix, Riot Games, and Oculus. He worked on the logos for games such as CONTROL, VALORANT, and several first-party PlayStation Studios games. Additionally, he created the logos for Vox Media’s gaming site Polygon, video game hardware company Analogue, Call of Duty creator Infinity Ward, and many more. Aside from branding, he creates UI and other elements for games ranging from indie to AAA.

When he’s not working in the game industry, he enjoys working on music-related projects like album covers and gig posters, as well as dabbling in photography and zine-making.

He always strives to create bold, memorable work that leaves an impact.