Jane Ng

Environment Artist - Valve

Jane began her career in games at EA Redwood Shores, working as an environment artist on The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. She quickly rose to become a lead environment artist on The Godfather, EA’s first open world title. After working on Will Wright’s Spore at Maxis, Jane left AAA to join Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Productions where she would work on many projects, including Brutal Legend, Stacking and The Cave. In 2013, Jane joined the newly founded Campo Santo Productions as lead artist to work on their debut title Firewatch, which has since gone on to win many awards including the BAFTA Games for Best Debut.  She recently helped shipped Valve’s 2020 flagship VR title Half-Life: Alyx.

Jane has spoken at multiple conferences about her work and is currently a Program Advisory Committee Member at DigiPen Institute of Technology.  She also enjoys giving back to the game dev community as a mentor for diversity-focused programs such as GLITCH, Gameheads and the AIAS Foundation Scholarship program.